Basic 1 Cooking Instruction

Learn to follow a recipe according to your interest. Gain an understanding of the basic cooking equipment and cutting techniques. This class is designed for the beginner chef or for anyone that would like to brush up on their basic knowledge of cooking. The class consists of preparing and cooking a recipe followed by a short nutrition lesson.

1 -2 Hours

Basic 2 Cooking Instruction

This class is specific to your individual goals. Have fun while learning to put together meals that adhere to your dietary requirements or food interests. Some popular topics include:


Weight Management


Vegetarian/Plant-Based Meals


Diabetic/Health Restrictions


Menu Planning


Trendy/Exotic – (Ketogenic, Paleo, Latin Bistro, Thai)

2 Hours

Food Preparation Class

Learn to prepare foods that can be frozen for later use. Food gets pre-packed in bento boxes to be stored away for future meals.

3 Hours

Recipe Modification

Acquire the skill of preparing your favorite recipes by substituting different ingredients that lower the fat, sugar and calorie content, making the meal a healthier alternative.

1.5 - 2 Hours

Small Groups

Work in a community setting with other individuals to prepare a healthy feast for all to enjoy. This class is a culinary workshop and includes all nutrition materials.

2.5 - 3 Hours

All classes are $70 per hour

Most classes run between 1-3 hours, depending on which class you pick.

* All instruction to include safety and sanitation procedures according to the requirements set forth in the Suffolk County Sanitary Code 2020.